Philippine navy almost deal on Maestrale Fregate

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Recent day, source from DND say tahat philippine navy almost deal on maestrale class fregate . According plan  Philippine navy  at least will buy six ship from maestrale class fregate. This acquisition will make south east asia navy more colourfull. As we know, indonesia in 2009 buy corvette class ship from netherland, singapore buy formidable class fregate from france and malaysa buy meko class corvette from germany.

Maestrlae class fregate for philippine navy will be equipped with the state of the art sea walfare.  So they can perform multirole , from anti submarine, anti aircraft and anti surface combatant.

Philippine navy will equipped cutter class frigate with modern radar and missile

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As we know, philippine navy in midle 2012 acquire two frigate from USA but unfortunatelly  before the is handed into philippine , the ship armament being removed, so this ship become tootlhess  specially in the front chinesse ship.   But recent days   philippine navy is make good decision to equip the ship with modern sensor and armament.

According to the official, the BRP Gregorio Del Pilar and the soon-to-arrive BRP Ramon Alcaraz, will be equipped with Harpoon, an anti-ship missile system, and will also be fitted with more sophisticated radars capable of detecting and tracking incoming surface threats and anti-missile and torpedo decoying systems.

Indonesia receive first batch of their super tucano coin

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Maybe this month become the most busiest month for the indonesian military fficer, because in this month after they succes launch their first stealth patrol ship, now indonesian air force will receive for super tucano coin as first batch of 16 super tucano. Indonesian air force intended super tucano as replecement OV Bronco.

As we know , super tucano is multiple role coin air craft, it capable as anti helicopter anti personal and anti armor . To neutralize enemy chopter, super tucano equipped with piranha AA missile and  its capable launch ATGM.

Indonesia become the first user of super tucano in south east asia (maybe asia too).

Vietname Navy receive indigenous Gun Boat

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Recenly , vietname navy receive their second indigenous gun boat build by local ship yard Hong Ha Ship yard. This vietnam indigenous gun boat has a length of 54.16 m, a width of 9.16 m, the largest stretch of water is 446 tons, the average amount of water recreation is 413 tons, the ability to go to the beach when the sea level 6, level 8. 

This boat is second boat from HQ-273 of TT400TP  class gun boat. Now day Vietnam navy extensivelly ugrade their navy capability, specially after Chine acting assertively  in disputed south chinesse sea. 

Kri klewang Indonesia launch stealth patrol ship

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Finally indonesia launch their first stealth patrol ship in banyuwangi east java. This patrol ship build by lundin ship maker. The stealth patrol ship has 65m in long and average 4 m in tall. This stealth patrol ship capable operating in sea with 6 m height wave.

By planed stealth patrol ship  build by lundin will be equipped with C705 anti ship missile from china and 730 CIWS also from china.

Few month ago, indonesia also launch his fast patrol ship made by dok in batam. 

Two dead in Indonesian navy submarine rescue drill

Two dead in  Indonesian navy submarine rescue drill. Drill conducted in north java sea, more precisely in pasir putih beach. There is no formal release about cause of the accident. But formal statement from koarmatim (East Indonesian Navy Branch)   say that there are no violation of SoP during the practice.

The victim of this accident is among of the  koarmatim top brass. Now indonesian operate two diesel submarine from U209 class These submarine heavily overhauled by South  Korea Company

Malaysia defense budget 2012

Malaysia defense budget  for 2012 is released at June 2012. This annual budget is about : RM13.714 billion or 4500 billion, this defense budget is slightly down than 2011 budget that reach  RM13.823 billion (reduce about  RM billion). But as i know that not final number. Because very often Malaysia govermen  add new fund for defence allocation. 
Like at submarine operation cost, ,malaysian goverment add some extra fund for their scorpene submarine operation. 

Philippine eye on super tucano

DnD or  Philippine defense counsile eye on super tucano . Super tucano is a  propeller COIN aircraft , and very suitable for anti surgency or anti pirate operation. Last news report that Philippine want to buy super tucano from Embraer. If this deal success, then philippine become second south east country that operate super tucano. TNI AU or  indonesian air force order super tucano to replace aging OV Bronco.

Philippine seeking third warship and additional chopter

To strengthen military power, philippine seeking for the third warship and additional chopter (news source:    )As we know, in a recent days, philippine navy conducted their purchasing fom US navy inventory : two cutter class  frigate and helicopter from poland.

Is good news for philippine because beside their defense power will increase, also this aset can be use in humanitarian project in philippine.Don't forget philippine is situated in area with high tropical storm occureness.

 I dont know where is the philippine will buy this war ship, but may also from USA.

Bad News : F4 Phantom Turkey's Jet Fighter was shot down by Syiria

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 Its very sad when i hear news that F4 phantom belonging to Turkey Air force was shot down by syiria. This accident around border area between two country. I deeply hope that Turkey and syiria capable to setle  this  
accident peacefully.

We know syiria now under chaotic condition .

Indonesian air force Fokker F27 Goes Down in Halim

An Fatal accident occur on indonesian air force  daily training . Fokker 27 troopship goes down in Halim military  port, 21 June killed all on board and four civilian. Indonesia air force face trouble on aging military air transport and they on schedule in  replacement program, Fokker F26 include in their list.

Fokker 27 is an 35 years old plane, and another F 27 belong to indonesian air force also goes down in 2009, kill all para troopers on board. This accident become the most worst air lifter accident. Indonesian air force has to replace  F 27 with small   CN 235 and C 295  medium air lifter

Thailand defense modernization effort phase II

Are very encouraging developments in Thailand. From some press release issued by the government of Thailand, Thailand will soon make the purchase of defense equipment for the second phase. The second phase is expected to start in 2012. Some items are to be proposed in the second phase are:

image from: wikipedia
A. 6 Fruit Gripen fighter aircraft for the air force thailand.
2. 1 Unit AWAC aircraft SAAB erieye

This second phase is estimated that it would spend up to $ 500 million.

As we know, Thailand has completed phase one of a defense modernization efforts, both for the air force, navy and army.
Some of the tools that have been purchased by pertahaanan thailand in phase 1 are:
A. 6 units of Gripen fighter aircraft
2. 1 Unit of AWAC planes erieye
3. MBT oplot of Ukraine, a number less than 60 units.
4. China-made frigate
5. Some MLRS units WS   china made ​​

Thailand is also known to try to get the submarine. Thailand has proposed a naval submarine U206 from Germany. Unfortunately this business is getting tough opposition from parliament Thailand.

Vietnam succes develop indigenouse rocket fuel

A great progress has been made by the defense industry vietnam. After a long research through the end, the Institute managed to create a defense technology vietnam agent compound O. O compound agent is part of the liquid fuel rocket R17. With this success means that the life of rocket R 17 vietname be held longer.
image src:
  R17 missile or SS1 Scud  B (Nato Naming), is operated by B 90 brigade. This missile is result from Uni Soviet tactical misile development program. R 17 fuel is liquid rocket fuel that made 

Paramount, South africa defense company sign agreement with indonesian defense company

UAV aircraft maker from South Africa, Paramount came to Indonesia in earlyJune this year. The purpose of the UAV flight arrival permbuat Africa is toestablish cooperation with PT.DI UAV aircraft manufacturing and vehiclemanufacturing tactical cooperation with PT. Pindad.
As we know South Africa is an African country with a good defense industrialcapability. South Africa is also known to have the ability to produce anti-aircraftmissiles, fighter aircraft, tactical vehicles and electronic devices.

Paramount also is developing a light reconnaissance aircraft that are intended as a substitute for UAV aircraft. This plane is called AHRLAC (Advanced High Performance Light Reconnaissance Aircraft). AHRLAC claimed to have many advantages, namely:
A. low-cost
2. Prices are also relatively inexpensive
3. Has a range up to 2000 km

Paramount also offered to cooperate with Indonesia to manufacture anti-terroristvehicle. In this case, the paramount willing to provide technical assistance in the form of equipment and expertise, as well as funding the production. Whilemeeting with PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, has produced an activity with the twoparties to conduct joint production engineering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)or unmanned aircraft that need for border surveillance. If successful, the UAVproducts will be marketed to south east asia region which Indonesia is aproduction and marketing base in the region.

France Attack helicopter for Phillipine Air Force

Potential for conflict in the south china sea lately more prominent. Philippines, as one of the countries involved in the territorial sea claims Spratly also feel a situation that threatens their interests.Unfortunately, the Philippines armed forces in recent years experienced a decline in terms of defense equipment or technology. This situation puts the Philippines in unfavorable circumstances.It is recognized by the top brass of the armed forces so that the Filipino last few months the Philippines armed forces actively trying to get the latest devices including the defense in this case the helicopter gunships.A recent development is the Philippines will purchase attack helicopters from the French. As submitted by the Philippines Air Force officials, Jendarl Dela Cruz. Philippine Air Force (PAF) Commanding General Lt. Gen. Lauro Catalino dela Cruz during his visit to Cebu to announce that the PAF will acquire new defense equipment external to upgrade their skills. De la Cruz told the good news in a media interview at the base, Brigadier General Benito Ebuen Air in Lapu-Lapu City last Friday as a general authority to make the round trip as part of this highlights is commemorating the 65th founding anniversary next month of PAF. 

PAF recommends the P75-billion budget for additional aircraft to carry out the modernization program, which is spread over five years. Dela Cruz said they have been submitted to Malacanang a list of necessary equipment and appliances that need to be purchased first thing they want to get the air defense radar. "We will acquire weapons systems and other equipment needed by the PAF," said Dela Cruz. Currently, PAF received four new helicopters to be used during search and rescue operations and four additional helicopters will be delivered in November.To date, the purchase was approved based on recommendations, including 10 new attack helicopters from France, 21 additional helicopter UH-1H utility to increase the utility of existing aircraft, airlift three fixed-wing media, and 18 trainer aircraft. Most likely type of attack helicopters purchased is Fennec. These helicopters are equipped with air misile to the mainland. And it is suitable to COS function.In addition, Dela Cruz also recommend purchasing Nomads N-24 aircraft and two light lift aircraft to replace the Fokker F-27 there.Aircraft manufacturing plant from Indonesia, PT.DI participate actively offer to the Filipino C295 transport planes to fill the need for light. However, until now there is no konfirmas the philippines air force will buy C295 from Indonesia. When the philippines buy C295 aircraft from Indonesia, then this is not surprising news for Indonesia and the Philippines have a good relationship. And the purchase will further enhance the relationship Indonesia - philippines In his message, PAF chief of air force personnel encouraged to strengthen their forces and capabilities in protecting the country and create more programs to enhance professionalism and improve the welfare of soldiers.

scr : PIA with editing

is vietname navy, will become the most powerful navy in south east country

sub photo : RUBIN
Russia began to Vietnam to offer an upgraded version of the Kilo class submarines - Amur, this submarine is well suited for patrolling and fighting in the East Vietnam Sea.

According to analysts, if Vietnam could buy a fleet of Amur submarines, submarine forces of Vietnam will truly become a powerful force in the region.

Amur class submarines can also be equipped with missiles launched from submarines to attack ground targets, so it can fully protect all targets on the coast and the islands of the East Vietnam Sea South. Vietnam Navy can be a powerful force in the water in the South China Sea.

According to the Shanghai newspaper said Deputy Director of Military Technology Cooperation Russian design bureau that Ruby started looking for the export market for Amur diesel-electric submarines of the Russian. Being version submarine's inland with a number of submarines Lada in Russian Navy, the formation of the a force new combat underwater.

Deputy director of defense export company Rosoboronexport said Victor Komar said that Russia is committed to strengthening military cooperation and technology with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in some Southeast Asian countries, Russia is considered the greatest potential for arms export market.

With Amur - 1650 Vietnam will help protect the most perfect national sovereignty of islands.

Victor Komar said that the 'partner in Southeast Asia, most importantly, Vietnam, Russia Vietnam is considered one of the most important consumers of defense. Vietnam has ordered six submarines from Russia's Design Bureau 'Ruby' development, submarine factory is located in St Petersburg, is expected to begin transfer operations in 2014.

There Amur submarines, Vietnam will be deployed in the South China Sea, a very intimidating force under water.

However, Vietnam can not simply take six Kilo class submarines. Mr. Komar said: 'Vietnam Navy they needed a fighting strength of higher than submarine Kilo urgent and must be set up in six or seven years, they can not just rely on the Kilo submarines. According to analysts, if Vietnam could buy a fleet of Amur submarines, submarine forces of Vietnam will truly become a powerful force in the region '.

The Russian defense export company is actively working contacts with Vietnam. To end this agreement, the company said that Russia will play the Amur submarines, while Vietnam's shipbuilding enterprises involved in the project can produce submarines.

Russia not only design but also give joint cooperation in the production process and provide training for Vietnam and some submarine building technology advanced.
src: vietname today

Indonesia sign aggrement with dalmen for 105 m missile escort vessel units, PKR 1054

After so long not heard from, he Indonesian Government finally signed a deal with the maker of Dutch warships, Damen,  to build one missile escort vessel units, PKR 1054. 

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI Kemhan) through the Defense Facilities Agency (Baranahan) formally signed a contract procurement 1 unit Guard Ship Missile Destroyer (PKR) 10 514 Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding in (DSNs), the Netherlands.Contract signed by the Chief Baranahan Kemhan Maj. Gen. Prabowo Ediwan representing the Director of Naval Affairs Kemhan Sale of DSNs Evert van den Broek is in this case represents the DSNs, Tuesday (5/6) in Kemhan office, Jakarta. 

Present and witnessed the signing of a number of officials in the Kemhan, TNI Headquarters and Navy Headquarters. Also present were the Dutch ambassador to Indonesia Tjeerd de Zwaan and Director of PT.PAL Indonesia (Persero) Ir M Firmansyah Arfin.PKR 10 514 Ship procurement in order to strengthen the ranks of the Navy Alutsista in order to support the task of maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Homeland.

 Besides being available for the task - the task of combat, ship PKR 10 514 is also required to provide a deterrent effect (effects of fear) against any party that would try to disrupt the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Homeland.Kabaranahan Kemhan RI, said the construction of this ship PKR 10 514, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding conduct joint production (production cooperative) with PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero) as the domestic defense industry. Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has decided to give the Transfer of Technology (ToT) in the construction of ship design and construction of 10 514 USD to PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero).The plan, PKR 10 514 ships will be built in three places, among others, PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero), Vlisingen and Galatz. Last Ship PKR PT.PAL 10 514 will be assembled in Indonesia (Persero). 

Hopefully, PKR 10 514 ships have been completed and handed over in early 2017.Kabaranahan further said, this is a good start of the domestic defense industry, especially PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero) in developing self-reliance in the field of Alutsista. It is also in line with government policy in this regard Kemhan (Defence Minister ) Affairs through the National Committee for Defense Industries (KKIP) which will implement the master plan for revitalizing the defense industry in order to encourage and enhance the domestic defense industry.Meanwhile, in order to support the procurement of PKR 10 514 ships, the government revealed RI Kabaranahan Kemhan Indonesia allocates export credits with multiyear allocation by the amount of 220 million U.S. dollars. (

BDI / SR)TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF SHIP PKR 10 514Price / Unit USD 220,000,000.00
The completion time of 49 months
TECHNICAL DATA PLATFORM105 meters LOAWidth of 14 metersDraft of 3.7 meters2335 tons displacement
Max Speed ​​/ Cruise / Economic knots 28/18/14
Range at 14/18 knots 5000 NM
Endurance 20 days
Sea Keeping Up to Sea State 5
Crews 120 people
Helli Pad 10 tons
TANK CAPACITY Fuel Oil 300 ton
Fresh Water 60 tons
PROPULSION SYSTEMMain Engine 2 x Diesel Engine                       2 x E Drive (CODOE)Diesel Generator 4 x 715 kw                       2 x 435 kwGear Box CODOE,                                 
    Heavy DutyCOMBAT SYSTEMAnti Air weaponry attack    Anti-submarine attack    Top anti-ship attack

src : DMC

Pakistan Navy receiver fast missile boat from china

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 Not for long time ago, pakistan navy receiver brand new fast missile boat from china. This boat has 64 m in long and equipped with C802 anti ship missile , also from chinesse.  This fast missile boat is part of three fast missile boat that pakistan ordered from china. First and second fast missile boat is build in china shipyard ant the  last fast missile boat is build in karachi ,pakistan.

This fast missile boat is show the increase of pakistan and chinese relationship specially in defence cooperation.

Malaysia military procurement list for 2012 and 2013

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Is very interesting for us to see south east asia military procurement for few next year.   The main trigger of this procurement is spratly conflict. As we we know, there are overlapping claim or maritime dispute in spratly water between numerous asia country and malaysia  , china, philipine and vietname is one of these country.

China claim almost whole of south china sea. And china opposed  logically claim from another asia country.
This situation triggering military hardware shopping in south east asia country include malaysia. As we now, to enhance  navy power, malaysia buy two submarine from France. But obviously, this submarine procurement isn't adequate so malaysia navy tends to add their combatant ship. Gowind class corvette is in their procurement list for 2012 and another coming year.

Malaysia navy also has plan to buy brand new LPD, maybe from South Korea. This buying will increase malaysian navy maritime operation. AWACS plane also in their procurement list. I don't know what type AWACS plane will be bought, but erieye from sweden is locally choice.