First Batch Leopard MBT for Indonesian army

Indonesian army official say that first batch of leopard mbt will came in Medio october 2013. This first batch is part of 150 leopard mbt buying  and 50 marder. All mbt and ifv will completttely in 2014.

Indonesian missile guide ship project goes to Netherland

Indonesia has ordered two PKR-10514 ships, the first ship will be handed over to the Government of Indonesia in January 2017, while the second one will be in October 2017. (image : Navy Recognition)

The Indonesian Navy Task Force for the Project Procurement of Guard Missile Destroyer (GMD) ship or known as the Satgas PKR, has arrived in the Netherlands on April 8, 2013. Consisting of 12 (twelve) Indonesian Navy officers,-led by First Admiral Mulyadi-, this task force will conduct its mission in Netherlands for the period of 24 months.

The task force team had paid a courtesy call to the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in The Hague,- H.E. Mrs. Retno L.P. Marsudi, accompanied by the Embassy’s Defence Attache, Col. Edy Sulistyadi, on Friday, 12 April 2013. During the meeting, the team explained road map of their work in the Netherlands.

As part of a signed deal between the Indonesian Ministry of Defence and the Damen Schelde Shipyard ship in Naval Shipbuilding (DSNs) Vlissingen to build 2 (two) Indonesian GMD ships, this task force will conduct its mission in assisting and supervising the construction process of the ships. The first ship will be handed over to the Government of Indonesia in January 2017, while the second one will be in October 2017. This cooperation will further strengthen bilateral relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

(src: indonesian embasy)

indonesian submarine plant must be finished before 2017

as we know, Indonesia has plans to make his own submarine . Plan to make this submarine south korea assisted by the program through the purchase of units of the Korean submarines. In 2011, South Korea and Indonesia signed a purchase of 3 units chang Bogo class submarines, which were constructed in korea 2 units and one unit was made in Indonesia.

However, plans for the Indonesian submarine d less terhalag by submarine production facilities. Obviously this submarine manufacturing plant aka requires a very large cost, so that the Indonesian government should seriously support.

If according to plan, then this should parik submarines ready uncivilized than in 2017, because this is the first submarine to be completed in 2014 and the second submarine is expected to be completed in 2016, then in 2016 the submarine plant should be completed in 2017 when the ship desired The third submarine was built.

If successful with making Indonesia the third submarine, Indonesia certainly will make other submarines, it is to achieve the minimum number of submarines owned as many as 12 units.

Malaysia interest in attack chopter

Dear all hands
After facing trouble in lahad datu, sabah , Malaysia  show its interest in attack chopter. As all know, we can say that malaysia lack on plane or chopter that support coin rule. Maybe this drawback root on malaysia defence strategy that focus on threat from another country , not guirellia war. So malaysia always try to on top or not least in same level with singapore military power.  But after infiltration from sulu sultanate army, malaysia defense decision maker maybe feel the needy  of attack chopter.

Malaysia choice for attack chopter
Some east asian country operated attack chopter. Thailand and singapore operate apache, indonesia army operate Mi35 and show his interest on apache. Unlike its neighbour, Malaysia maybe will chose attack chopter from west europe country, the choice is tiger attack chopter from france, but may be malaysian army will choose attack chopter from south africa, rooivalk.

Barceloan vs PSG at champion league quarter final

Yeah.... bravo messi   Barcelona   2 PSG 2;
Its fair result, but very sorry , messi pulled out at break time. hope this football magician didnt has any serious injury.

Vietname will receive first home build fast patrol boat, monilya

Dear all hands 
Is well known that , vietname is a subscriber  of russian defense system. Almost all vietnam defense hardware devices imported from russia, including warships.
Vietnam is known as one of the countries that have a fast ship missile , monilya. Fast ship missile  monilya  is russian build and is the successor of the previous fast boats, osa  fast boat classes and  komar fast boat class.
In the exhibition LIma 2013 in malaysia, Vympel Shipyard Director General, Mr Oleg Belkov revealed that the first of six high-speed missile boats Molniya (Lightning) under Project 1241.8 is being built in Vietnam under a Russian license, and will be delivered to customers in end of 2013.
She will soon undergo a series of tests. And is expected by the end of the year, the ship will be delivered to the Navy in Vietnam, contributing to strengthen the struggle for the entire fleet.
Monilya ship to vietnam equipped with gas turbine engines. Gas turbo engine for monilya made ​​by Zoria Mashproekt, a company of ukraine. As for the avionics system, imported from Vympel, Russia.

Myanmar defense budget 2013

Dear all hands,

Recently myanmar parliament has to approve the budget for the purposes of the defense of U.S. $ 1.15. The defense budget for the year 2013/2014. More than half of the budget is in the amount of $ 600 million to be spent on equipment.

In a vote with the House of Lords and House of Commons in Naypyidaw, 445 MPs voted in favor of the proposed military budget, a budget reduction of 60 as a member of parliament and 7 abstentions.

Although the fund of $ 1.15 billion, a decrease when compared with last year's defense budget (2012/2013), the defense budget is 20% of the total spending. This puts Myanmar as one of the Southeast Asian country with a percentage of the defense budget yangterbesar, compared with other countries such as Indonesia which is by 2.1%.
With that much money, myanmar likely will buy fighter jets from russia like Mig29. Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country with abundant natural resources.

Malaysia will buy 18 Jet Fighter and Interest in PakFa

Dear all hands
 Aircraft exhibition in langkawi malaysia is over, but not recorded significant aircraft purchases . Contracts made ​​by Malaysia  just in the form of a maintenance contract of $ 100 million with the company Sukhoi.
But despite that, malaysia publicly revealed plans to buy 18 new fighter aircraft, fighter aircraft will replace the MiG 29 that  will be mothballed. Candidate replacement aircraft is:
a. Su 30
b. Rafale
c. Typhon
d. Gripen
f. f 18 Hornet

Some analysts believe that the strongest candidate is the Rafale,  Because rafale manufacturer offers the assembly process is done in malaysia.
However, recent developments indicate that Malaysia is also interested PakFA. As an news on an internet site, RMAF consider purchasing pakfa . We do not know if this is a purchase is replacement aircraft for MiG 29 or not. Lets wait and see

Philippine air force review T50 jet fighter

Dear all hand  There is good news from philippine air force. Philippine air force  now very seriously make asessment of south korea jet fighter  T 50 procurement.  And i quite sure that philippine air force will release their final decision to buy T 50 from south korea.

I think T 50 jet fighter is very suitable  for Philippine air force, is on par  with f4 tiger that also owned by philippine air force. So even T50 can't conduct air superiority but its very useful on patrol and sea surveyllance.  I philippine air force finalised their T/50 procurement , philiipine air force become second country that operated T 50 jet fighter. As we know indonesian air force has operatedd T 50 as advance trainer and as light attack role.

Indonesia army received six locally made chopter

Dear all hands
In March 2013 indonesia army receive  six   chopter, these chopter is bell 412  that being builded by PT IAE underlicense off Bell factory from USA.
These six chopter equipped with heavy machine gun , so  these chopter capable to conduct air support. These chopter  is part of 16 Bell 412  chopter agreement between indonesia army and IAE , this agreement worthed at 170 milion dollar.

Indonesia ar force receive additional 2 Su 30 MK2

 Dear all hands

22 Feb 2013 Indonesia receive  2 Su30  Mk2 . These su 30 mk 2 carried by antonov heavy lifter and landed at makasar, Indonesia air force home  base. As we  know in 2010 indonesia buy 6 more sukhoi  SU  30 Mk2 to form a one squadron of heavy air fighter.

iNDONESIAN Air force equipped with Grob, trainer aircraft

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA - four trainer aircraft Grob G-120-TP made ​​in Germany will arrive in Indonesia in May 2013 to meet the needs of the Air Force flight school, said the commander of Air Force Education Young Marshal TNI Ida Bagus Anom.

"The Air Force (AU) purchased a total of 18 aircraft Grob G-120-TP of Germany, but the plane was sent to Indonesia in stages until 2014. During the first phase of four aircraft will arrive," he said in Yogyakarta, Friday (8/2) .

He said after chairing a position handover Air Base Commander (Danlanud) Adisutjipto of First Marshal TNI Pilot Colonel Abdul Muis Agus Munandar, Grob aircraft it will replace Bravo aircraft.

"Grob Aircraft to replace Bravo aircraft age was 30 years. During this flight school Air Force use aircraft to train prospective pilots Bravo," he said.

He said the Air Force chose Grob aircraft because it is considered the best aircraft for flight school. Grob Aircraft was able to maneuver quite extreme.

"Air Force Grob actually need 24 aircraft to flight school, but only 18 aircraft can be met. Later we hope the House of Representatives approved the purchase of the aircraft," said Anom.

Former First Marshal TNI Danlanud Adisutjipto Abdul Muis will then Deputy Assistant Operations (Waasops) Chief of Staff of the Air Force (KSAU).

Danlanud Adisutjipto Pilot Colonel Agus Munandar previously served Assistance Officer Staff of the Air Force Personnel Operations (Paban SPOPAU).


indra has been awarded the contracts to equip three of the Indonesian Navy's Type 209 submarines with its radar signal detection system and a Low Probability of Intercept radar (LPI) system. The value of this project, awarded by the shipbuilder Daewoo, is in excess of €10M.
The electronic defence system will enable the submarines to detect and analyze any radar signals there might be in their surroundings and identify the type of vessel, submarine or aircraft they correspond to.
It is a RESM (Radar Electronic Support Measurement) system based on broadband digital reception technology. This type of processing guarantees high sensitivity for the system, even in a dense electromagnetic environment, and extremely quick analysis capabilities.
The submarines will accordingly have a considerable advantage in terms of threat identification. The Spanish Navy has chosen this same technology for its S-80 submarine, as have its German and Italian counterparts for their U212A submarines.
This solution will operate in conjunction with Indra's Aries-S Low Probability of Intercept radar (LPI). It is a high-resolution system capable of detecting small targets. The low-level signal this radar uses makes it practically undetectable, so that it can “see without being seen”.
With this project, Indra has managed to close a major deal to become a technological supplier for the Korean company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), one of the world's largest shipbuilders. At the same time, it has strengthened its commercial position in Indonesia and in the Asia-Pacific region, where it has had a stable presence for more than 15 years, operating from offices in China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

If these deal is realized, i will increase indonesian submarine capability significantly.  Indonesia submarine capability is now signifcanly increased altough its an old type 209 sub, if we compare with another class submarine type operated by indoneisan neighbourhood, its not verlapped in term of capability

Philippines Air Force will strengthen with 12 FA50 Jetfighter

Dear all hands

Year 2013 is opened with good news  from Philippine .  Busines week say that Philippine air force will buy 12 FA50  jet Fighter at price of $443 million . If this deal become reality, it means philippine air force air power capability will increase significantlly.

image taken from :
After long time without jet fighter, finally Philippine air force will operate jet fighter again.  And im sure that this procurement is not the last buy by Philippine air force. Because  FA 50 althougth this is good jet fighter,  is cannot comparable with another main jet fighter being operated by philippine neigbour such of su 30MkM, F15 , J10b, and SU 27SKK. But conggrate for Philippine air force and South Korea as FA 50 producer.