Indonesia ar force receive additional 2 Su 30 MK2

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22 Feb 2013 Indonesia receive  2 Su30  Mk2 . These su 30 mk 2 carried by antonov heavy lifter and landed at makasar, Indonesia air force home  base. As we  know in 2010 indonesia buy 6 more sukhoi  SU  30 Mk2 to form a one squadron of heavy air fighter.

iNDONESIAN Air force equipped with Grob, trainer aircraft

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA - four trainer aircraft Grob G-120-TP made ​​in Germany will arrive in Indonesia in May 2013 to meet the needs of the Air Force flight school, said the commander of Air Force Education Young Marshal TNI Ida Bagus Anom.

"The Air Force (AU) purchased a total of 18 aircraft Grob G-120-TP of Germany, but the plane was sent to Indonesia in stages until 2014. During the first phase of four aircraft will arrive," he said in Yogyakarta, Friday (8/2) .

He said after chairing a position handover Air Base Commander (Danlanud) Adisutjipto of First Marshal TNI Pilot Colonel Abdul Muis Agus Munandar, Grob aircraft it will replace Bravo aircraft.

"Grob Aircraft to replace Bravo aircraft age was 30 years. During this flight school Air Force use aircraft to train prospective pilots Bravo," he said.

He said the Air Force chose Grob aircraft because it is considered the best aircraft for flight school. Grob Aircraft was able to maneuver quite extreme.

"Air Force Grob actually need 24 aircraft to flight school, but only 18 aircraft can be met. Later we hope the House of Representatives approved the purchase of the aircraft," said Anom.

Former First Marshal TNI Danlanud Adisutjipto Abdul Muis will then Deputy Assistant Operations (Waasops) Chief of Staff of the Air Force (KSAU).

Danlanud Adisutjipto Pilot Colonel Agus Munandar previously served Assistance Officer Staff of the Air Force Personnel Operations (Paban SPOPAU).


indra has been awarded the contracts to equip three of the Indonesian Navy's Type 209 submarines with its radar signal detection system and a Low Probability of Intercept radar (LPI) system. The value of this project, awarded by the shipbuilder Daewoo, is in excess of €10M.
The electronic defence system will enable the submarines to detect and analyze any radar signals there might be in their surroundings and identify the type of vessel, submarine or aircraft they correspond to.
It is a RESM (Radar Electronic Support Measurement) system based on broadband digital reception technology. This type of processing guarantees high sensitivity for the system, even in a dense electromagnetic environment, and extremely quick analysis capabilities.
The submarines will accordingly have a considerable advantage in terms of threat identification. The Spanish Navy has chosen this same technology for its S-80 submarine, as have its German and Italian counterparts for their U212A submarines.
This solution will operate in conjunction with Indra's Aries-S Low Probability of Intercept radar (LPI). It is a high-resolution system capable of detecting small targets. The low-level signal this radar uses makes it practically undetectable, so that it can “see without being seen”.
With this project, Indra has managed to close a major deal to become a technological supplier for the Korean company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), one of the world's largest shipbuilders. At the same time, it has strengthened its commercial position in Indonesia and in the Asia-Pacific region, where it has had a stable presence for more than 15 years, operating from offices in China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

If these deal is realized, i will increase indonesian submarine capability significantly.  Indonesia submarine capability is now signifcanly increased altough its an old type 209 sub, if we compare with another class submarine type operated by indoneisan neighbourhood, its not verlapped in term of capability