First Batch Leopard MBT for Indonesian army

Indonesian army official say that first batch of leopard mbt will came in Medio october 2013. This first batch is part of 150 leopard mbt buying  and 50 marder. All mbt and ifv will completttely in 2014.

Indonesian missile guide ship project goes to Netherland

Indonesia has ordered two PKR-10514 ships, the first ship will be handed over to the Government of Indonesia in January 2017, while the second one will be in October 2017. (image : Navy Recognition)

The Indonesian Navy Task Force for the Project Procurement of Guard Missile Destroyer (GMD) ship or known as the Satgas PKR, has arrived in the Netherlands on April 8, 2013. Consisting of 12 (twelve) Indonesian Navy officers,-led by First Admiral Mulyadi-, this task force will conduct its mission in Netherlands for the period of 24 months.

The task force team had paid a courtesy call to the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in The Hague,- H.E. Mrs. Retno L.P. Marsudi, accompanied by the Embassy’s Defence Attache, Col. Edy Sulistyadi, on Friday, 12 April 2013. During the meeting, the team explained road map of their work in the Netherlands.

As part of a signed deal between the Indonesian Ministry of Defence and the Damen Schelde Shipyard ship in Naval Shipbuilding (DSNs) Vlissingen to build 2 (two) Indonesian GMD ships, this task force will conduct its mission in assisting and supervising the construction process of the ships. The first ship will be handed over to the Government of Indonesia in January 2017, while the second one will be in October 2017. This cooperation will further strengthen bilateral relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

(src: indonesian embasy)

indonesian submarine plant must be finished before 2017

as we know, Indonesia has plans to make his own submarine . Plan to make this submarine south korea assisted by the program through the purchase of units of the Korean submarines. In 2011, South Korea and Indonesia signed a purchase of 3 units chang Bogo class submarines, which were constructed in korea 2 units and one unit was made in Indonesia.

However, plans for the Indonesian submarine d less terhalag by submarine production facilities. Obviously this submarine manufacturing plant aka requires a very large cost, so that the Indonesian government should seriously support.

If according to plan, then this should parik submarines ready uncivilized than in 2017, because this is the first submarine to be completed in 2014 and the second submarine is expected to be completed in 2016, then in 2016 the submarine plant should be completed in 2017 when the ship desired The third submarine was built.

If successful with making Indonesia the third submarine, Indonesia certainly will make other submarines, it is to achieve the minimum number of submarines owned as many as 12 units.

Malaysia interest in attack chopter

Dear all hands
After facing trouble in lahad datu, sabah , Malaysia  show its interest in attack chopter. As all know, we can say that malaysia lack on plane or chopter that support coin rule. Maybe this drawback root on malaysia defence strategy that focus on threat from another country , not guirellia war. So malaysia always try to on top or not least in same level with singapore military power.  But after infiltration from sulu sultanate army, malaysia defense decision maker maybe feel the needy  of attack chopter.

Malaysia choice for attack chopter
Some east asian country operated attack chopter. Thailand and singapore operate apache, indonesia army operate Mi35 and show his interest on apache. Unlike its neighbour, Malaysia maybe will chose attack chopter from west europe country, the choice is tiger attack chopter from france, but may be malaysian army will choose attack chopter from south africa, rooivalk.

Barceloan vs PSG at champion league quarter final

Yeah.... bravo messi   Barcelona   2 PSG 2;
Its fair result, but very sorry , messi pulled out at break time. hope this football magician didnt has any serious injury.

Vietname will receive first home build fast patrol boat, monilya

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Is well known that , vietname is a subscriber  of russian defense system. Almost all vietnam defense hardware devices imported from russia, including warships.
Vietnam is known as one of the countries that have a fast ship missile , monilya. Fast ship missile  monilya  is russian build and is the successor of the previous fast boats, osa  fast boat classes and  komar fast boat class.
In the exhibition LIma 2013 in malaysia, Vympel Shipyard Director General, Mr Oleg Belkov revealed that the first of six high-speed missile boats Molniya (Lightning) under Project 1241.8 is being built in Vietnam under a Russian license, and will be delivered to customers in end of 2013.
She will soon undergo a series of tests. And is expected by the end of the year, the ship will be delivered to the Navy in Vietnam, contributing to strengthen the struggle for the entire fleet.
Monilya ship to vietnam equipped with gas turbine engines. Gas turbo engine for monilya made ​​by Zoria Mashproekt, a company of ukraine. As for the avionics system, imported from Vympel, Russia.